We Believe

Private businesses are the engines of economic progress and prosperity.

Our economic engines are handicapped by an inefficient capital market, with limited access to the information and resources needed to increase operational performance and unleash growth.

To bridge this gap, a generally accepted framework for quantifying operational performance is needed. The framework allows us to measure the operating business engine, remove weakness and increase financial output.  Used by professional business advisors and private business executives, the framework will bring transparency and enable business owners to take control of their own futures, and in the process, create a more efficient market for the benefit of all.

Our Mission

CoreValue's mission is to unleash the growth and value of private businesses around the world.

We are committed to enabling millions of businesses, and thousands of communities, to solve the fundamental economic challenges of growth, sustainability and job creation.

Our first-to-market, user-friendly assessments, reports and roadmaps have made COREVALUE SOFTWARE the undisputed leader in building best-of-breed operations, with integrity and high value.

Built on algorithms first developed at MIT, more than thirty years of ongoing research, and benchmarked data from thousands of businesses, COREVALUE SOFTWARE is the trusted source for operational data and analytics.